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Dr. Wolfgang Fischer

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Dr. Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Fischer

FISCHER Ingenieurtechnik GmbH&Co.KG
Utastrasse 72, D-93049 Regensburg / Germany
Tel: +49 / 941 / 5 80 80
Fax: +49 / 941 / 56 67 86

Sachverständiger Rohre Kunststoffe Biogasanlagen Sachverständiger Rohre Kunststoffe Biogasanlagen

Your way to us:

Our office is about 500 meters away from the A93 motorway.

Exit A93 - Regensburg West, exit Clermont-Ferrand-Allee, turn left at the second set of traffic lights, turn right at the second traffic light into the Agnesstrasse, turn left into Utastrasse.

About us

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Biogas plants
statische Berechnung Rohre Static proof calculation pipes

Experts for insurance value determination in the case of pipe fractures and water damage

Experts for films, film covers and container covers

Experts of damage for thermoplastics, elastomers and reinforced duromers

Experts for injection molding, extrusion, calendering, rotary molding, extrusion and injection blow molding

Experts for the bonding, welding and joining of plastics

Freeboard calculation of freight ships according to inland waterway regulations (BinSchUO)

Expert for water polluting plants according to AwSV §53

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We are experts for pipe damages, plastics and biogas plants.

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We are publicly appointed and sworn in these areas by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Regensburg.

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About us

Sachverständiger Kunststoff Rohre Biogasanlagen Gutachter Kunststoffe Untersuchung Versicherung

Fischer Ingenieurtechnik GmbH&Co.KG

Utastrasse 72

D- 93049 Regensburg

Tel: +49/941/58080

Fax: +49/941/566 786

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