Expert for valuation of plastic products

Expert damages plastics

Finite Elemente FEM Untersuchung Analyse KunststoffeWe are an independent expert office in the field of plastic technology.

The focus of our activities is the preparation of expert opinions on defective plastics and plastic products. We investigate, calculate and analyze plastics and plastic products.

We are a consultant and expert for plastics. The inspection of technical parts made of plastic as well as of coatings / plastic coatings are certainly one of our main tasks.

Consulting areas
  • Damage analysis and assessment of damage to plastics,
  • Determination and assessment of the amount of damage caused by plastic products,
  • Advice on problems in the manufacturing process of plastic products,
  • Design of a functional plastic construction,
  • Choosing the best plastics for your application,
  • Selecting suitable manufacturers for your application in terms of quality and cost,
  • Creating a functional design with an appealing design,
  • Evaluation of extrusion and injection molding tools,
  • Finite elements FEM Analysis of plastic products for damage and design for mechanical design,
  • Approval of your product according to the relevant standards of ISO, EN, DIN, CE, etc ..

We advise independently and competently, whereby we attach great importance to fast, personal, comprehensible and uncomplicated processing.

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We would be pleased to advise you personally and would be pleased to get in touch with you.

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