Static calculation of pipes / tubes

Static proof calculation of pipe and pipelines

As experts we produce static proof calculations according to ATV / DVWK worksheets, DVGW guidelines and DIN EN 1295:


Qualitätsprüfung InLinerWe carry out static calculations for pipes and shafts according to the ATV, DVWK, DWA, DVGW, ISO, DIN and VdTÜV directives and can advise you at any time with complex special solutions. Here we refer to the latest standards and ATV-DVWK-DWA guidelines, whereby we also use our own approaches, for example for shaft statics.

One of our principles is to provide the customer with not only a static calculation, but also to work out the results of the static calculations in an intelligible form. With the aid of our explanations, the customer can interpret the results and pass the corresponding conclusions for his project to the client or contractor in the simplest possible way.

We would be pleased to advise you personally and would be happy to get in touch with you.


Gutachter Rohre General information
Gutachter Kunststoff Publicly sworn expert
Gutachter Folien Beschichtungen Working areas as an expert
Gutachter Schweissen Kunststoff Testing of pipes
statische Berechnung Rohre Static calculation of pipes