Software for the static calculation for InLiner according to DWA-A 143-2 and ATV-M 127 Part 2

Software acc. to ATV, DWA und DVWK

This calculation method is mainly based on ATV-A 127. In addition the regulations of the ATV Merkblatt M 127 part 1 "Supplement to the directive for the static calculation of drainage ducts and ducts" for deposits of the first edition 1995 were considered.Statik Deponierohre nach ATV DWA DVWK M 127 Teil 1

The program offers the possibility to optimize dumping pipes according to the ATV-M 127 part 1 with regard to laying conditions, the material and the wall thickness, so that in some cases immense piping and installation costs can be saved.

In contrast to normal pipes, dumping tubes are usually slit or perforated to divert the liquids from the landfill site. In the normal case the pipe material for waste dumping pipes is polyethylene because it is chemically very resistant.

Several construction conditions with more or less high coverage and high traffic loads must be taken into account.

Not only are the pipes perforated or slotted, but the pipes are also subject to enormous loads at elevated temperatures and chemical attacks which lead to special accounting approaches.

Within PipeWorks, you can calculate pipes from your individual or new materials, and have the possibility to choose the pipe material with free material parameters.

We would be happy to send you a free DEMO version.

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