Experts for films and coatings

Your partner for testing of all types of films and plastic coatings

One of our special areas as experts is the testing of films and plastic coatings.

Gutachter_undichtes_Rohr_LeitungswasserschadenWe test all types of films and coatings mainly in the field of construction and biogas plants for damage and their processing. Over the course of the year, we have acquired a great deal of expertise in the testing of such films and coatings.

We analyze and test, among other things, the thickness and the processing of such films and coatings. In the case of fire, storm or hail damage, we also assess the damage caused and make statements about the amount of damage and the cause of damage to insurance companies and courts.

In the case of damage to films and coatings, we would like to support you in the repair and refurbishment of plastic products.

We always give advise personally.

Our references

Special areas

Gutachter Rohre Evaluation of pipe damages
Gutachter Kunststoff Material testing of plastics
Gutachter Folien Beschichtungen Testing of foils and coatings
Gutachter Schweissen Kunststoff Welding of plastics / corrosion
Statiken Rohre Gutachter Brunnen Schaechte Deponie Static calculation of pipes