Experts for welding plastics and corrosion

Experts and experts for the welding of plastics

We are testing all types of plastic compounds, in particular also as experts for welded joints of plastic parts.

Gutachter_undichtes_Rohr_LeitungswasserschadenWe have been active as experts and consultants for many years in the testing of butt welds, heat welding welds, extrusion seams and all other types of welding joints of plastics.

In most cases, we make destructive tests on the weld seams in order to make statements about the weld quality and welding defects. To this end, we draw up clear opinions, with clear and easy-to-understand statements on the plastic welds.

Gutachter Schweissen Pruefung SchweissnahtOf course, we are also experts and experts for welds of all kinds, especially in the field of metals.

We are by the German Government certified welding engineers for plastics and metals.

Experts for corrosion of metals

One of our special fields is the investigation of corrion or rust on metals.

Gutachter Rost Korrosion MetalleWe examine the extent and the cause of rust on metals in order to make a statement about the origin of corrosion and fault.

In many cases we can also make a long-term forecast of how long the corroded and tarnished part will still withstand future stresses of the installation and when it has to be replaced.

We are a consultant and expert for corrosion and life expectancy assessments of all kinds. Corrosion or chemical attack is also possible in the case of plastics. it is also possible to make a statement as to how long the parts can remain installed and make a statement regarding the remaining life time expectancy.

We always give advise personally.

Our references

Special areas

Gutachter Rohre Evaluation of pipe damages
Gutachter Kunststoff Material testing of plastics
Gutachter Folien Beschichtungen Testing of foils and coatings
Gutachter Schweissen Kunststoff Welding of plastics / corrosion
Statiken Rohre Gutachter Brunnen Schaechte Deponie Static calculation of pipes